The Market is essential for boosting your Ninjas and stocking up on essential Foods to care for them effectively.

The Market is a crucial area that helps you supplement your Ninjas as well as purchase various Foods to best care for your Ninja.


In addition to the chests given at the beginning, you can easily add stronger Ninjas to your account by using $ELEM to buy more chests. You will open a Ninja with a level corresponding to the level of the Chest.

Please note that the Ninja Class you unlock will be randomly selected from the 5 available options.


Each type of food increases the Ninja's health and Mana differently:

  • Rice provides 1 Mana bottle, equivalent to 8 hours of training.

  • Miso soup provides 2 Mana bottles, extending training to 16 hours.

  • Meat offers the highest benefit & provides 3 Mana bottles, sustaining the Ninja for 24 hours of continuous training.

Revenue Sharing

When Dungeon Mode (PvE) launches, 10% of daily market revenue will be allocated to the treasury for Revenue Sharing.

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