Quest System

Discover the Quest System on xNinja platform

The quest system is a key point in the vast majority of games. By positioning itself as one of the best SocialFi projects, contributing to bringing DeFi and social media closer together with virtually no barriers, the xNinja Quest system plays a crucial role in helping the project naturally go viral on social media through cleverly integrated social tasks.

Completing quests rewards players with Food, valuable item fragments, or even $ELEM tokens.

xNinja Free Starter Pack

This quest is designed for everyone to participate in. Tasks are very simple - since xNinja is a SocialFi platform, the initial tasks are simple social media tasks that anyone can participate in, thereby creating a tight connection between users and the platform. The reward will be a random significant amount of $ELEM tokens, allowing players to use it for leveling up their Ninjas or buying Food in the Market.

Daily Dojo Drill

As true Ninjas, our mission is to train daily and consistently. The Daily Dojo Drill quest was created to simulate daily training routines. Players simply access the Daily Quest, claim their rewards, and nurture their Ninjas. Persistence pays off, as on the 7th day, players unlock additional valuable $ELEM Tokens.

Plus, there's more quests available now and in the future, tied to milestones, events, and partnerships like the “Happy Lunar New Year quest". Join xNinja early to maximize your engagement in multiple quests and receive greater rewards compared to latecomers.

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