The Way of the Hidden Leaf

Claim 2 chests for free on ๐• every day to accelerate Ninja training!

"The Way of the Hidden Leaf" is the name of one of the most important Quests on the xNinja platform. To participate in this quest, users must install the xNinja extension on Chrome/Edge.

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Daily Chest Opportunities

Every day in the xNinja game, you get the chance to open at least 2 mystery chests, often referred to as "๐• chests" on your ๐• feed.

Newsfeed Discoveries

As you navigate through xNinja's ๐• feed (or your main Following Feed and For You), there will be at least 2 random tweets containing hidden chests. These tweet serve as portals to hidden treasures, offering potential riches and benefits for your ninjas.

What's Inside?

When you open a chest, you can expect to find a range of valuable items. These include:

  • $ELEM: A special token that holds significant value in xNinjaโ€™s ecosystem

  • Food: Vital for sustaining your Ninja's health and performance. Maintaining peak health is crucial for effective training.

  • Equipment Fragments: Precious fragments with future utility, potentially forming NFTs for exclusive benefits. Be proactive in collecting them to gain an edge in upcoming xNinja.Tech features.

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