Taking care of your Ninjas

Learn how to care for your Ninjas effectively..

Health - Mana

As humans, your Ninjas have Mana, an important health indicator to show their strength and vitality. Every 8 hours, they become slightly tired and lose a mana bar. It's your responsibility to feed Ninjas and maintain their peak condition.

Mana is similar to energy in other role-playing games and is essential for your Ninja's strength during training or battles in PvE/PvP. Longer training sessions consume more mana.

To ensure your Ninja's training goes smoothly, pay close attention to their Mana and feed them proactively.

After purchasing a Chest and opening it to receive a random Ninja, you can view the Mana stats for that Ninja.

Each Ninja class has a specific Mana level, indicated by the number of Mana Bottles received from opening a Chest after purchasing it.

Each Mana Bottle provides 8 hours of training. If a Ninja runs out of Mana, they cannot continue training. To keep them training, feed them Food to replenish their Mana and earn $ELEM for their efforts.

To boost your Ninja's strength and restore Mana, head to “My Bag” and choose the type of Food you want to Feed the Ninja. Each food type increases a different amount of Mana to the Ninja.

Earn Food

There are three ways to earn Food:

  1. Join minigames/events on 𝕏 or in the xNinja's Discord for a chance to easily earn Food.

  2. Complete daily quests in the Game's Quest section to gather extra Food for your Ninja. These quests are designed to be quick and rewarding.

  3. Purchase Food directly from the Market section for convenience

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