Chips, also known as "Boosters" can increase Ninja training/ farming speed.


Boosters are an innovative feature in xNinja, a social gaming experience that prioritizes player connections. Rooted in social interaction, xNinja introduces Boosters to incentivize players to invite others to join the game. The more invitees you bring in, the faster you can accelerate your ninjas' training capabilities.

When a player invites someone (an invitee), and this invitee makes a purchase of a Chest from Level 5 or higher, xNinja count that invite as a 'Chip'.

Update from Feb 25: If your invitee does not buy chest, but upgrades Ninja from Level 5 to Level 6, we will also count that as a Chip.

For example, if you invite 3 people and 0 of them make a purchase, you won't earn any Chips. This system encourages not only inviting friends but also engaging them in the game's economy.

With new change from Feb 25, an invitee who both bought a chest of at least Level 5 and upgraded from Level 5 to Level 6 cannot be counted as 2 Chips.

How Chip Works

Having Chips boosts training/farming speed for all your Ninjas. Each time you reach a Chip milestone listed in the table below, your Ninjas' training/farming speed increases by a corresponding percentage for 21 days.

Chip milestoneLevel of change

1 Chip

Increase training speed by 50% for 21 days

5 Chips

Increase training speed by 60% for 21 days

10 Chips

Increase training speed by 70% for 21 days

25 Chips

Increase training speed by 80% for 21 days

50 Chips

Increase training speed by 100% for 21 days

100 Chips

Increase training speed by 125% for 21 days

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