"After their intense training under the watchful eye of their legendary master on the hidden mountaintop... 5 xNinjas, the five elemental ninjas, returned to their secluded village, weary yet resolved. They recognized the need to further sharpen their skills and, united by a common purpose, commenced a rigorous training schedule. The stage was set for their own challenge – the "Ninja Elemental Trials," a series of tests designed exclusively for elemental ninjas, allowing them to demonstrate their prowess and ascertain who was the most powerful among them.

In preparation for these demanding trials, 5 xNinjas each dedicated themselves to daily routines of specialized diets and strenuous exercise, tailored to enhance their elemental abilities. These practices were essential for accumulating 'Elemental Essence', a crucial energy source that would amplify their powers and determine their performance in the forthcoming challenges. Through dedication and resilience, they aimed to transform this essence into the extraordinary power of 'Elemental Mastery - $ELEM and $XNJ'.

The future of their ninja clan and the balance of the elemental forces rested on their commitment and efforts…"

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