• Research Injective Blockchain thoroughly for optimal integration

  • Complete the website development, emphasizing user-friendly design

  • Establish a vibrant community around xNinja, fostering engagement and anticipation


  • Collaborate with crypto communities to boost awareness

  • Introduce Borrow - Repay system to enhance the platform's functionality

  • Launch xNinja v1.0 featuring a robust Farming system and engaging Quests

  • Release xNinja 2.0, showcasing the innovative Dungeon Mode

  • Assess market conditions for potential Dex/Cex Listing

  • Initiate Beta Test PvP on the Testnet for user feedback


  • Launch Arena Mode on the Mainnet for heightened gameplay

  • Finalize a revenue model with a 100% revolving mechanism, prioritizing sustainability

  • Introduce the Marketplace on the Testnet/Mainnet, expanding user interactions

  • Introduce new Ninja classes tailored for the competitive Arena Mode

  • Integrate with external wallets like Kelpr, Leap, etc., for enhanced accessibility

  • Evaluate Dex/Cex Listing based on prevailing market conditions

  • Officially launch Arena Mode on the Mainnet, ensuring a seamless experience

  • Ongoing refinement of the revenue model to ensure long-term sustainability


  • Unveil the revamped xNinja Discord, creating a hub for community interaction

  • Continue refining the platform based on user feedback and evolving market trends

  • Prioritize community engagement, incorporating valuable insights into future updates and features

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