Getting Started πŸš€

New to xNinja? Here's a quick guide to get you started faster. To dive deeper, refer to other pages for detailed info.

Step 1: Go to xNinja Dapp

Step 2: Login with your 𝕏 account and enter Invite code

  • Login xNinja with your 𝕏 account. (Note: the xNinja app won't request any permissions to Like, Repost, or post content on your behalf or access any privacy info like password,...)

  • Enter Invite code to join. How to find Invite code

  • You will receive a free xNinja chest (open to a Ninja level 0) to start

Step 3: Add $INJ to your xNinja wallet

  • Go to Profile and copy your wallet address, which is automatically created upon successful login to xNinja, ensuring a seamless experience.

  • You can transfer $INJ to your xNinja Dapp wallet from another wallet or you can buy $INJ on a CEX like Binance then transfer to your wallet (choose Injective network, no MEMO required)

Step 4: Get some $XNJ and $ELEM Tokens

You'll need $ELEM tokens to access various features on xNinja.

  • Get $XNJ

Option 1: - Export the private key of your wallet in xNinja dApp - Import your wallet private key into Keplr Wallet or Ninji Wallet - Use $INJ to buy $XNJ on DojoSwap:

Option 2: - Use $INJ to buy $XNJ on DojoSwap with any of your Injective wallets: - Send $XNJ to your xNinja wallet

  • Convert $XNJ to $ELEM. Details: πŸ‘‰ Convert

Step 5: Training/ Farming $ELEM (Level 5+)

Your Ninjas undergo intensive Training, focusing on refining their elemental powers, combat techniques, and acquiring the mystical essence called $ELEM.

You need a Ninja at level 5+ to start training & earning additional $ELEM. $ELEM tokens can be used to:

  • Level up your Ninjas & buy food, items in Market. The higher your Ninjas' levels, the greater their advantage in Dungeon and Arena modes (coming soon).

  • Convert into $XNJ tokens. ($ELEM -> $XNJ conversion will be available soon)

Step 6: Complete Quests for more rewards

Navigate to Quest tab, complete various quests to earn more valuable rewards

Step 7: Invite your friends to maximize your rewards

  • The only way to join #xNinja now is via invite-codes from friends 🀝

    Invite friends with your code to get 2β„… lifetime commission on $ELEM they spend (buy chests, foods, upgrade Ninjas). Details: πŸ‘‰ Referral

  • You can boost your training speed/ $ELEM farming speed up to 125% when your friends buy Chests from level 5+. Details: πŸ‘‰ Chip

Below is xNinja game economics overview. To dive deeper, refer to other pages for detailed info.

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