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Invitation Code

To become a part of the xNinja, new gamers are required to enter an invitation code from an existing member. This code establishes a direct link between the new member and their referring sponsor.

How to find Invitation Code

To find the Invitation Code:

  • Ask your friends first, maybe.

  • Search "xninja invite code" or #xninja hashtag on 𝕏.

  • Join discussions on xNinja 𝕏, Discord, Medium,... to find/ ask for a code

  • Explore local or community leaders' groups dedicated to xNinja. They offer valuable supports in learning and participating in the xNinja SocialFi platform, so please show your support.

  • Check the review section of the Extension on the Google Chrome Store.


xNinja's Refer and Earn program offers a simple 1-tier structure. Referrers (F0) earn commissions based on the $ELEM spent by their direct referrals (F1). The process is simple: every time your referred friend (F1) spends $ELEM, you (the referrer, F0) receive an immediate commission ( a substantial 2% of the spent amount.)

This efficient reward system not only boosts your earnings but also strengthen the relationship between the referrer and the referred, fostering a cooperative and mutually beneficial partnership.

To learn more about Chip, also known as Booster, please check out the article below.


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