New Ambassador Onboarding Process & How to Level Up

The xNinja Ambassador Program consists of 5 rankings: Ninja → Guardian→ Sensei→ Master → Legend

You are able to move up in rankings by reaching a higher level in Discord plus fulfilling other requirements such as actively engaging in social media and making meaningful contributions. Moving up in rankings will unlock more benefits and potential rewards.

Complete requirements are displayed in the table above in Section Program Stucture and Rewards

Important Notes

  1. Ninja

    • Everyone in the community will start off with the Ninja role on Discord

  2. Guardian

    • Engage actively on social media and create content to become a Guardian

  3. Sensei

    • Please fill out this short application form to be considered for the “Sensei” role. You must have been a “Guardian” for at least 10 days prior to submitting your application. You will be asked to provide a list of assignments you have completed. Examples of possible assignments you can start with are listed in the table below.

    • You will move up to be a “Sensei” only if you pass the application process. Otherwise, you will remain a “Guardian” and can try again later (please wait at least 1-2 weeks before re-submitting your application)

    • The application will be reviewed a few times per month.

  4. Sensei

    • Only the top “Sensei” who provide high-quality content and contributions for second consecutive months will move up to become "Master".

  5. Legend

    • You will only become a “Legend” through a voting process conducted by “Master“ and the xNinja Team.

  6. Demotions

    • For “Sensei” and higher ranks, if you are inactive (earning zero points) for 2 consecutive months, you will be demoted one level.

The points system for the program is explained below in Section 1.4

Initial Tasks

Here is a short list of tasks you can complete in order to get started with the program and to qualify to become a “Sensei”. You will need to showcase at least tasks you have completed in order to complete the application form needed to become a “Sensei”. The more tasks you complete, the higher potential likelihood there will be to level up to a “Sensei”.I

f you are not chosen right away as a “Sensei” don’t worry, application checking is constant and you can be given the role at some point in the near future.

The tasks you complete MUST be original content. The examples below should just be used as guidance. Tasks must showcase effort, intelligence, and originality in order to be considered suitable to move up in ranking to a “Sensei”.




Social media engagement

Engage with social media posts from xNinja official channels or posts that mention xNinja. Create posts about xNinja dapps

• Like, retweet and share posts • Intelligent quote tweet: Link • Comment on tweets • Create posts

Text content creation

Write useful content to onboard new users, such as articles, or tutorials about xNinja and its dapps.

• Overview of the fastest growing project on Injective: Link

Video creation

Create video content about xNinja.

• Review Project: Link


Make creative memes, infographics, or other art pieces.

• Memes: Link • Infographics: Link


Translate official news into your local language and share it with communities.


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