How to buy $INJ

Instructions on how to buy INJ on CEXs to transfer to your wallet in xNinja

Below are instructions for buying INJ tokens on Binance. Other exchanges will have similar steps

  1. Select the INJ Pair: Find the INJ pair you want to trade with (e.g., INJ/USD, INJ/BTC, INJ/ETH).

  2. Place an Order:

    • For a market order, enter the amount of INJ you want to buy and click 'Buy INJ'. This buys at the current market price.

    • For a limit order, set the price you want to pay for INJ and the amount. Click 'Buy INJ' when you’re ready.

  3. Withdraw from CEX (Binance for example):

    • In Binance, navigate to your ‘Spot’ wallet.

    • Find INJ in your list of assets and click ‘Withdraw’.

    • Enter your xNinja's wallet address in the ‘Address’ field. Make sure it is correct to avoid losing your tokens. Details for Deposit step here.

    • You can leave the MEMO field blank

    • Enter the amount of INJ you wish to withdraw and click ‘Submit’.

    • Complete any security verifications required by Binance.

After few mins, just check your Profile > Tokens to see your $INJ balance. Now you can borrow some $XNJ to start playing xNinja.

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